Web Design

PQ Web Consulting is a team of social media strategists who work together to utilize social media tools to bring your brand and your vision to the world. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the team at PQ Web Consulting will help you to grow your business, expand your brand and retain customer loyalty. Through a variety of social engineering techniques, we can assist you in showing the world what your business or brand has to offer. Our services include, but are not limited to; social media account management, website design, ad copy design and promotion.

  • web design
  • web development
  • mobile apps
  • E-Commerce
  • ad copy design
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • web social media management
  • local online digital TV advertising packages
  • onsite tutorials, training and workshops
  • web maintenance contracts available
  • domain registrations
  • web hosting
  • Websites start at $500 CDN
  • Hosting & Domains costs not included in pricing and will be charged yearly, usually $100 CDN per year

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As an added package to our Website Design service, we offer our clients the opportunity to have custom built
e-commerce stores added to their website. This allows you to use your site to sell your products online; helping you reach a much larger customer base. Wix options include online purchases with funds entering your bank or PayPal accounts directly, or arrange for in-store payments. With shipping and in-store pick up options, this package makes it even easier to get your products or ideas into the hands of your consumers.

Account Management

Account Management is a long term service designed to take the pressure and responsibility of social media maintenance off of your hands. By providing our business with access to your accounts, we will maintain your various social media pages.

We will discuss the direction of your business, and develop an understanding of your market so that we may use social media as a tool on your behalf.

This service includes, but is not limited to, posting regular updates on your behalf, maintaining the layout and design of your pages, building and growing your customer base, developing brand loyalty and helping your business or brand to maximize it’s fullest potential while reaching the largest possible number of people within your target market.


Website Maintenance

Once your website has been built by us, we offer a service to maintain the website. This includes regular updates to the page, site maintenance, and advertising.

Contact us to learn more about your website designed exclusively for your brand’s needs.

Ad Copy

Ad Copy is a term used to describe the main text of a clickable advertisement, and is based off of advertising and consumer research. Our team will spend time with you developing ad concepts that suit your business or brand, and are aimed at reaching your target market.

Ad Copy is an independent service, in which we can provide you with a finished ad that you may run on various social media sites or printed publications; or it can be included as part of our account management service, in which we would both create the ad and utilize it for you as part of your advertising campaign. All ad copies, once completed, become the intellectual property of the client and may be used in any media format.


Poster Design

Utilizing our various design programs, we will design and build posters for you that speak to your customer base. The right poster can speak to customers on a visual level, and help draw them into your brand.

We consult with you directly about the design elements you are interested in, and we will design and develop all posters with your interest in mind.