This is a service that we run in restaurants & stores.
It is based on a website that is displayed on a TV where people can view your wares & services available.

Currently, we have one system running on a 32″ TV at ‘The Smokehouse Eatery & Pub’ and a second system running on a 40″ TV at ‘Cole’s Timber Mart’. Both are located in Brighton, Ontario.

The AD’s are in 16:9 format that takes up 80% of the screen.

The service includes 3 AD’s per hour that can all be the same, or they can be 3 different AD’s. Each AD is 30 seconds in length.

The AD’s can be Static images, Animated Images, or they can be Videos.

Please note that there may be a one time $50 setup fee depending on your requirements.

The benefit to the hosting business are free AD’s for their products, occasions, and services.

All this for only $150 per year! That’s less than 50¢ a day!

If you are an establishment and would like to have a system installed in your location, please call us for details.

Requirements: An available TV with HDMI/VGA Support, and WIFI available. The rest we supply!



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